Through an immersive workshop experience steelpan teachers and other interested educators will be exposed to the best pedagogical practices for the instrument and its traditional music, in its native environment. Workshops will be led by some of the foremost Trinidadian and Caribbean-based teachers. Topics will explore steelpan pedagogical practices that include improvisation, ensemble arranging, history and sociology of the genre, and musical theory of the African diaspora.

Who This Is For

  • The seasoned music educator
  • The new steelpan educator
  • The graduate music student interested in pan
  • The “junior band” director
  • The educator interested in teaching steelpan for the first time
  • The performer turned educator
  • The person looking for new ideas and connect with new educators
  • The collegiate steelband director
  • Ethnomusicologists
  • Pretty much anyone with a passion for sharing their love of steelpan through education

What You Will Do

  • Visit a professional steelband panyard and see one of the best steelbands in the world in action
  • Have a workshop with a traditional rhythm section or “engine room”
  • Sing and play lavways led by professional chantwells
  • Learn from a professional tuner the in and outs of the trade, how to best care for your instruments and how to train your students
  • August is pan month in Trinidad! There will be many pan and culture related events taking place during the month. Also check here for information about Carifesta to be held in Trinidad and Tobago.

What You Will Learn

  • Effective teaching methods for beginner and intermediate level students of any age
  • The PanGEA process of peer-to-peer learning, discovery, movement and improvisation to teach musicianship
  • Approaches to using cultural elements, such as, lavways, the engine room and improvisation to teach important aspects of musicianship at every level
  • How to create arrangements that enhance student’s sequential learning
  • Musical and cultural knowledge and techniques a pannist should know
  • The steelpan’s development and its place within the world of modern music, especially that of the African diaspora

Details (UPDATED)

Date: Monday, August 5 – Wednesday, August 7 ( the workshop has been decreased from five days to three.)

Location: Republic Bank Exodus Panyard, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago


Local Participants: TTD$300 ($45USD)

Foreign Participants: TTD$600 ($90USD)

Registration Information

  • Registration is still open! Register up until the August 5

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