Over the past several decades the steelpan has spread far and wide from its home in Trinidad & Tobago. Hundreds of steelbands can now be found throughout North America and Europe, where they have transformed lives, built communities and given back to ordinary people the pleasures of collective music-making.

The steelpan has spread, but not its traditional pedagogy, nor its 21st-century updates. This is what PanGEA offers steelband educators: the traditional history, culture and pedagogic traditions of Trinidad steelbands, combined with the most advanced approaches to teaching the music of the African diaspora.

Participants will be immersed in the musical culture of the Trinidad Carnival, seedbed for the early steelbands. Experience the drumming and call-response chants of stickfighters. Learn to generate the powerful, syncopated rhythms of “engine rooms”. Explore the history and culture of the steelband movement. Then discover how to encourage kids, teenagers and adults to improvise on the steelpan and to compose and arrange for steelbands, so they are more creatively daring, more confident and collaborative.